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Getting Ready for College

Italian League Members at the Italian-American Civic League Scholarship AwardsPreparing for college is a big deal, and it can be quite overwhelming. You’ll be thinking about where you want to go, where to live, who to live with, if and where you will work, how many classes you will take, what major you want to pursue, and how in the world you are supposed to pay for it all?

Daunting right? Don’t worry, it’s actually not that bad. College is an exciting opportunity to learn, build new friendships, discover new interests, and pave the way for your future. You’ll have a blast at campus activities, sporting events, and late night “study sessions” with your friends. You can do it!

How the Italian-American Civic League Can Help

The Italian-American Civic League is committed to helping students find some relief from the stresses of attending college by offering Italian scholarships for high school students. A scholarship will make the transition to college much less taxing. The scholarships are awarded by the Men’s and Women’s Chapters of the Italian-American Civic League to applicants graduating in the current year with Italian ancestry.

Give it a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose, and a possible scholarship to gain.

Scholarship Details

Deadline:      Feb 17th for the Women’s Chapter and Men’s info will be coming soon.

Eligibility:      Applicants must be of recent Italian ancestry and a graduate of a Utah High School

Criteria, Requirements, and Other Conditions:      See the independent men’s and women’s applications for official criteria, requirements, and conditions.

Follow these links:

Italian-American Civic League Scholarship Application – Women’s Chapter

Italian-American Civic League Scholarship Application – Men’s Chapter