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The Italian American Civic League was founded in 1934. (This area list some of the regions our members originally migrated from and their trades and occupations: miners, shoemakers, tailors, railroad, iron, produce, grocers, teachers, business owners) we started traditions such as All State Italian’s Day, and have introduced new ones such as Living Traditions.

Between 1890 and 1900, when the railroad and mining industries needed labor, many Italian immigrants found their way to Utah. Most of those who came to Utah made it their home. They raised their families here, started businesses and contributed Italian tradition and culture. These traditions have endured and now continue on through their children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

The Italian American Civic League was founded in 1934 with the object of promoting, nurturing and support good fellowship, friendship, civic, social and education to those that were far from home and living in Utah. We strive to help underprivileged youth and programs that support education and giving back to children & families that need it most.

The basic desire to maintain this culture and traditions was very strong and still prevails today. The League has members as young as 16 and as “seasoned” as 102.